What are Local Video Ads?

  • Local Video Ads are Affordable, Aggressive and Economical Video Ads (Online Commercials) ran on YouTube® for local businesses.
  • Local Video Ads are high definition videos clips and fully licensed music used to create stunning and professional videos.
  • Local Video Ads are Displayed in-stream to YouTube® users when they are watching videos on YouTube®.
  • YouTube® has a base of 1.3 billion subscribers.
  • 4,450,000,000 videos are viewed daily on YouTube®.
  • Commercials are only displayed to consumers in the local region, state, county or city your business serve.

These videos are then optimized to show on the first page of Google® and YouTube®’s Search Results for keywords relating to your business.After we create your high definition video we upload it to Youtube and optimize your video to show up in Google® and YouTube’s Search Results for keywords related to your business. For example if your are a dentist in the Nashville area and someone in the Nashville area types Nashville dentist or dentist in Nashville. You Local Video Ad will show in the search results with a beautiful eye catching thumbnail that stands out from all the other results listed in plain text format. Your business will be on display to the entire County or Metro area with a LOCAL VIDEO AD appearing on the first page of Google® search results in each City or Town you want to service. When potential customers are searching in the County or city you offer your services in, your business Local Video AD will appear on the first page of Google®’s and YouTube®’s with a full color Thumbnail grabbing the consumers attention immediately.

Get your business in front of hundreds of LOCAL CONSUMERS Daily!

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Examples of Local Video Ads: